“Mail Order Bride” may be the seventeenth bout of the very first period of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

“Mail Order Bride” may be the seventeenth bout of the very first period of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

“Mail Order Bride”
Season 1, Episode 17
initial air date December 22, 2002
manufacturing rule 117
compiled by Matt MaiellaroDave Willis
Directed by Jay Edwards
Guest star(s) Rita McGrath (Svetlana)
Featuring Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl
additionally Appearing Dr. Weird, Steve, Santa Claus, Svetlana, George Lowe
Parental Advisory TV-PG-D (Initial score)

TV-PG-DL (Current score)

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It initially aired on 22nd, 2002 december.

Dr. Weird provides Steve A christmas current, and seals himself in a cage. Steve believes it really is one thing sweet, however the ‘present’ has razor- sharp teeth and attacks Steve.

As a christmas current to themselves, Shake and Carl split the expense of a mail-order bride from Chechnya. Carl is wanting https://ukrainianbrides.us/asian-brides forward to intercourse he won’t need to pay for every single right time, while Shake is excited to possess anyone to prepare and neat and wait on him. Frylock declares this to be “depraved”; Shake many many thanks him and states he hopes she views that in him too. Carl and Shake quickly start fighting over who can get access that is first their “co-fiance”.

Upon showing up, their Chechnyan bride Svetlana is instantly accosted by Carl and Shake and it is horrified by both choices; Shake demands she “get within the kitchen and boil him some sausages” while Carl presents her a g-string that is tiny tells her to “put this on and shake it”. She flees to Carl’s home and barricades by herself inside. While attempting to access his household through the 2nd tale screen, Carl falls and breaks their neck. Svetlana observes this and immediately finger finger nails a piece of plywood throughout the screen. Further attempts by Carl to obtain in just causes Svetlana to “scream at me in this language. just like a demon yelling at me personally or something”. She does are able to communicate that she will just perform some marriage ceremony if she will remain locked in Carl’s room.

Meanwhile Meatwad and Frylock celebrate Xmas. Frylock offers Meatwad the locks he’d been seeking and Meatwad offers Frylock the “wrap around sunglasses” he had been seeking: an assortment that is random of and sticks hot glued together as Shake points out, something such as the pc he got the entire year before, made totally from leaves.

Given that team assembles outside Carl’s bed room for the wedding service with Carl putting on a blue tuxedo with ruffles over a huge throat traction rig because of their broken throat and Shake putting on a black colored bowtie and cummerbund strapped to their glass. Frylock shows not able to pronounce Svetlana’s final title. Carl claims it willn’t just matter say Smith or Jones or something”. Whenever Frylock can’t pronounce Carl’s final title either, Carl tells him “simply say Smith too, no matter. None of the things.” Whenever Frylock informs them to slip the band underneath the home, Shake reveals he’s got no band, and “isn’t getting roped into all of that” since he “hasn’t seen meals when because this entire thing began.” Carl agrees, and Frylock skips it and declares them hitched, which straight away encourages Svetlana to smash Carl’s bed room window, escape for a rope made of bed linens and flee the scene in Carl’s automobile. Carl, surprised because of the unexpectedly fast end of this wedding, muses that she evidently “got the car”, which Meatwad points down is technically half hers now, “or a 3rd. We dunno.”

The episode finishes with a cheesy wedding DJ congratulating this new “Misters and Mrs. Portowsky”, which prompts a torrent of punishment from Carl for mispronouncing their title, along with a need he “get the hell out of right here”, whereupon Shake reminds him they will have “got him ‘til 2” even although the bride is gone and no one feels as though dancing except Meatwad.

The scene that is last an oddly-touching motion of sympathy from Meatwad, whom informs Carl he “knows he is harming” and provides him a consolation xmas present; a stick to a bow about it. Carl’s commentary: “Oh. Good.”