Reasons You Might Feel Burning After Intercourse How To Handle It

Reasons You Might Feel Burning After Intercourse How To Handle It

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Although sex results in numerous positives, including closeness, enhanced mood and better general health, it may possess some negatives unwanted effects. One particular side effects is burning after sex.

A burning sensation is truly quite typical, also it does not necessarily mean you’ve done nothing incorrect. Acknowledging this symptom will allow you to slim straight down whether or not the issue is an endocrine system or infection, STI or something different completely, from you doctor so you can treat it, either at home or with assistance.

Below, you’ll find several of the most typical reasons that ladies – and men – experience burning pre and post intercourse. We’ve additionally got advice from trusted sources, like the Centers for Disease Control and Mayo Clinic, about therapy and avoidance of those infections and circumstances that you will find if it burns off after intercourse, and which could stop you from enjoying a pleased and healthier sex-life!

Condom Allergy

A condom sensitivity happens when you’re sensitive to condoms, the primary material that many condoms are produced from. Whenever skilled in your intimate areas, and particularly after repeated thrusting, you’ll have discomfort and burning after intercourse. Inflammation and redness will also be typical indicators of condom allergies. The good thing is so you can keep having safer sex without the negative side effects Lanjutkan membaca “Reasons You Might Feel Burning After Intercourse How To Handle It”